i am NOT like that

Hello, world! Or, as I’d rather say…ALOHA!

I’m ready to take on this blogging/website/social media world–and it’s up to you to help me along. Have fun checking out this site, follow me on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Insta, and make sure to sign up for my newsletter!



Okay…I’m not going to be that fake and cheesy. The truth is, I do want you to follow me. I want you to get my books and post about it on social media.

But, the TRUTH is there’s no way you’ll do that if I fill every post/page/email with fluffy, “follow-me” prattle. I know it’s the truth. And how do I know it’s the truth? Because I’d do the same thing. Well…maybe I’d buy a book. Pretty hard to resist a book, you know…

But, as an authorly/bloggerly person, I know I’ve got to be honest. I’ve got to be real. Hence, this site. Here, you’re going to get pure, unadulterated Taylor Bennett.

Scary, right?

I think so, too. But I’m excited to go on this adventure together…as long as you like my page on Facebook. 😉



  1. Congratulations Taylor. I’m looking forward to your books. As one of your critique partners, I’m looking forward to your help on my WIP and my help on yours.

  2. Hey, Taylor! I just stumbled across your Twitter while procrastinating when I should have been editing (ahem, oops), but now I’m glad that I have since I discovered you! I read your publishing story and it’s so neat to see how it all worked out. It sounds like it took a crazy insane amount of work, but that’s what’s inspiring about it. I’m excited to follow the rest of your journey! (As well as your Insta and Twitter 😉

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