Okay, so I’m not one to typically post more than once a week.


This week is important!


My writing pal, Naomi Downing, and I have an exciting announcement to make. We’re launching #InklingChats, a monthly Twitter experience!



*Throws confetti in air*


But WAIT! What are Inkling Chats, you ask?

They’re short, monthly writing parties for overcommitted introverts 😉

That’s the pithy version, anyway.

Really, they’re half-hour-long chats held on the last Sunday of Every month at 4pm EST (that’s 1pm Pacific.) Naomi will be hosting, along with yours truly, and each month we’ll discuss a different subject–like inspiration, favorite book covers, plot structure, etc. They’re going to be a ton of fun and we’d really love to see you there! Start by following us on Twitter: @writer__taylor and @naomihdowning and start tweeting with us on Sunday, January 28th, using #InklingChats.

Make sense?

We’re soooo excited to see you there!

So…who’s in? Comment below if you’re excited!

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