weird and random facts about…ME!

Aloha and hello and…


Yep. That’s what I’ve got.

Honestly. I’ve got nothing. Usually I approach the week with at least SOME idea of what I’d like to share with all (Two? Is that how many people know this blog exists?) of you. But, alas. Today I don’t. I saw my book cover. It’s beautiful. BUTTT…I can’t share it with you until March (☹) and, with a deadline for Book Two looming ahead of me, I’m now attempting to buckle down and finish editing this pesky first draft.

And…well, I’m getting ridiculously excited for THE CRUISE that I’m going on (we leave this Saturday!!) but excitement doesn’t translate well to blog posts. Neither does covered bridge photography, an account of why it’s NOT a good idea to take giant gulps of hot tea, or a ramble about my sudden obsession with the Regency era (yay Jane Austen!)

Whether you’ve figured it out or not, (okay, let’s be honest—you’ve known it ever since you started reading this blog) I’m an unusual sort of person. When I was little, I actually referred to my peers as “normal kids.” I made lifetime friends on the last cruise that I went on—they’re both more than thrice my age. I refer to twenty-five-year-olds as “kids.”


I’m an old soul.

So when I signed my contract and my publisher explained to me that I would have to start relating to teen girls…I sort of blanked. Until now, I’ve been doing my best. Trying to figure out what would be interesting to you, my readers. But I’m now halfway convinced that I should have written adult fiction (never mind that I’m not even close to eighteen yet) just because…I’m a quirky, old-souled homeschooler.

And NOW…over three hundred words into this post, I’ve finally figured out what I’m writing about.

Faithful readers, I present to you…a list of the dorky, quirky things that make me, well, ME. Because you woke up today just dying to know about my uniqueness, right?


Well, you can stop reading if you want. But you are missing out, let me tell you 😉

The Things That Make Me ME (AKA the dorky, quirky inner workings of my brain)

  • I like to get up early (like, 4am early) even on the weekends. I also go to bed before midnight (even on weekends.) I am NOT nocturnal, nor do I want to be.
  • My favorite foods made a list of the most underrated foods of the year: Meatloaf, brussels sprouts, and English muffins. (Confession time: I have an English muffin addiction. It’s bad. Really, really bad.) I also like beets, cranberries, edamame, and a whole slew of other foods my friends consider “gross.”
  • In a similar vein…I hate coffee. Like, really really hate it. I don’t drink it. For more reasons than the fact that I refuse to ingest caffiene (of any kind) for fear that I’ll start bouncing off the walls and never stop. The taste just doesn’t appeal to me. Like, at all.
  • I also don’t really have a chocolate obsession. I think mac and cheese is overrated. And canned tuna? Gross. Basically, I don’t eat the “normal” stuff, like pizza (bleeech) or hot dogs (unless they have tons of mustard and relish) and I’d rather starve than go to a place like McDonald’s. I literally thought that the only reason gummy worms existed was because people used them to decorate cupcakes until someone told me they had them for dessert.
  • I walk. A lot. In the rain. In the heat. Even where there are those weather advisories that say “stay inside unless it’s necessary to leave the house.” In my mind, walking the dog (three times a day) is very necessary. Does that mean I like walking in the pouring rain first thing in the morning? No. But, when the sky is blue, the air is warm, and the smell of spring (or summer or autumn or any other season) is in the air…sign me up! And when I’m on vacation, I usually average around 12 miles a day 😉
  • I listen to a lot of music that most people…don’t. Never have I ever turned on a pop radio station. Honestly, I’ve never listened to a station other than KLOVE or a vintage rock station (because my Mom knows the songs from her childhood.) And when I’m not listening to Christian music or select songs by Fleetwood Mac and the like, I’m listening to piano music. Or saxophone tunes. People tell me that it all sounds like elevator music. I tell them they’re nuts.
  • When I read a book, I READ the BOOK (and a whole lot more.) Like right now–I started reading my very first regency novel this week and, after a few pages I was hooked. So hooked, in fact, that I made an Amazon cart (aka extended TBR) of Regency books. Period works, nonfiction books, Christian fiction…everything! And (because I’ve spent all of my Christmas money on books) they’re still sitting there. So I turned to the trusty internet and researched the Regency period to death. Just so I had a better idea of what was going on in this book. And I’m hooked. Totally hooked. So hooked, in fact, that Pride and Prejudice (which I started back when I was younger and hated so much I DIDN’T FINISH IT!!!) is now almost to the top of my TBR list. A year ago, it was on my list of BANNED BOOKS. Anyway, all that to say that I happen to obsessively immerse myself in whatever I happen to be reading at the time. (This is only one of the reasons why I stay away from horror, suspense, thriller, and sci-fi genres…)
  • I spend so much time thinking that I never remember to…think. I’m guilty of putting empty mugs in the microwave and running it for the full two minutes. I hear what people say, but–if I’m reading–I don’t remember to listen. Someone can tell me the best news of the day or the worst news…if I’m doing something else, I’ll react in the same way until their words have sunk in (which typically takes several minutes.)
  • My memory is borderline bizarre. I remember events that happened on my second birthday. IN DETAIL. I can usually tell someone the timeline of their shirt (ie: every time they’ve worn it in the last few years.) Not to say that I do tell them the timeline, but I know it. I have to scale this down during some conversations, unless I want mere acquaintances to think I’m creepy because I know their schedule better than they do.
  • I collect antiques, particularly old toys. I have nearly half a dozen china head dolls (you know, the ones from the 1800’s) and have accumulated copious amounts of other old-timey playthings, like wooden Tinker Toys, ratty stuffed animals from the early 20th century, and antiquated wind-up toys. I display my favorite pieces in my room, along with my favorite stuffed ballerina cat (loooong story.)
  • I am a chronic daydreamer with a terminally overactive imagination. One of the reasons that I write is because I miss playing dress-up and pretending that I’m an orphan/castaway/princess/detective. When I write, it’s like I’m watching a movie in my head (or, more accurately, starring in said movie) and THAT is one of the main reasons I write. They say that a reader lives a thousand lives and the one who never reads lives only one. I would add that a writer lives a million lives. I know I feel like I do!


Well…there you have it. All of my unique little quirks are out in the open. Just because I couldn’t come up with a better blog post. Oh, boy. I think I’ve learned my lesson…next time, I’m going to have a better idea of what I’m writing before I sit down at my computer!

So…maybe you’d like to share a quirky fact about yourself in the comments below. Come on, let’s embrace our uniqueness together!!



  1. What a fun post! But I don’t think you’re weird at all, so maybe I am weird also. I love how God made us of us unique! I often am so “zoned in” on what I’m doing, that I smile at the wrong times & don’t really hear what someone is saying. I also don’t hear others very well, and often “heard” something other than what they were actually saying. Like the time I smiled at someone in the dentist’s office, only to have one of our daughters tell me the lady just told me about someone dying. I don’t remember what I thought she said. ~Sigh~

      1. That’s okay…I don’t edit comments, only my own books 😉

        I guess maybe “weird” isn’t the right word for it…more like quirky. Or unique. Well…whatever you want to call it, I’m glad I’m not the average teen 🙂

  2. I had no idea that your memory was so good. Jason remembers things when he was a baby. Do you remember when I came over to babysit you and we played the blanket game? You just loved it and so did I !! Your blog was very interesting to me. Good job Taylor .

  3. Oh I love this sooo much!!! I relate to most of your food comments. I despise McDonald’s and most fast food places. But I do like Pizza. I’d like coffee if it didn’t give me a headache. I love chocolate, but don’t eat it much as I don’t like wasting my money ;p

    I love all your quirky ways!!! They are each so fun (and practical).

    Something quirky about me? I like to do things as real as possible. No box foods, I cook by scratch. I barely even use recipes.. I’d rather just feel it. I’ll hardly use machines but sew and knit by hand. I like doing my button holes by hand as it’s the best way ;p Real tea is great 🙂 Sugar is not real. Yeah… I can talk about real for a long time actually 😉

      1. I’m actually neither patient nor talented. I like getting things done fast, and I’m constantly wishing/trying to become better at something. I consider more of a motivation to build better habits or create skills with time. Some of this includes “killing” my impatient tendencies so I may be able to embroider without feeling like I’m dying from not being active ;p

  4. I love this! Your old-soul-ness is actually really relatable for me. XD

    And your facts are so fun! I love this! Maybe I’ll do a blog post like this sometime 😀

    I love your blog, and as a first time visitor, I must say it’s been an awesome first impression! I’m seriously considering buying your book when it comes out now. 🙂 (if only I weren’t so broke…)

    Great post and great blog 🙂

    1. Wow! Thank you so much. I’ve seen you around GTW before and it’s great to have you visiting my little corner of the internet. So glad to meet a fellow old soul! 😉

      I’m excited that my book is tempting you…just so you know, it will be available for a very low price on Kindle, and my publisher sometimes runs promos where it is FREE!! So stay tuned… 😉

  5. I love edamame beans! I usually have it in a stir fry though, not on their own. Wow, you wake up EARLY! Why do you wake up so early? HOW do you wake up so early? How many hours of sleep do you get each night? I’m not a fan of horror either, but I do enjoy sci-fi. You want a quirky fact about me? Well I like to talk to my characters out loud sometimes. It’s a really helpful way to learn more about them.

    1. I loooove waking up early! Something about being awake when the rest of the world is asleep really inspires me 🙂 And how? I just…open my eyes and boom! I’m awake. I usually get around 7ish hours of sleep, but I can survive on around 4 XD

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