travel update: I’m HOME!!

Well…what do you know? I didn’t post last week!


I had a good reason. A very good reason. One that involved Florida, food, and more fun than I could ever have imagined. I was on a cruise–and not just any cruise. I was on the KLOVE cruise.

(Scratching your head and wondering if KLOVE is a new cruise line you haven’t heard of before? It’s not. KLOVE is a Christian radio station that puts on an annual cruise featuring the artists they play on the radio. This year’s line-up happened to include my all-time favorite band!)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my posts from the last week–a random mismatch of beach pics, shots of decadent desserts, and even a video of said favorite band in concert.

If you DON’T follow me on Instagram…go do that right now! (Kidding.)

Seriously, though. I’m here today to give all of my non-Instagramming friends a peek at my amazingly magical week of music and memory-making. (Hint: There are more photos than words in this post. Not normal for a writer, but…today I’m making an exception.)


  • Food. Really good food. I’m seriously such a foodie and Royal Caribbean makes AMAZING food (not as good as what my mom cooks, of course, but still…really good.) I ate waaay too many sweets. And also too much bread. I may or may not have had four meals a day (thanks a lot, midnight buffet) but whatever. I was on vacation. I’m allowed to do stuff like that, right? 😉





  • Concerts. Concerts by my favorite artists. My favorite band, We Are Messengers, performed twice. Guess who was in the front row both times? (Quick note–if you’ve never heard of We Are Messengers, please go look them up. Like, don’t even finish reading this post. Go grab their album on Spotify. I double-triple-promise that you won’t regret it.)





  • The Bahamas! I hung out on the beach, took a horse-drawn surrey ride, and visited the majestic Queen’s Staircase. The water was amazingly blue. Like, I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-photoshopped blue. It was absolutely gorgeous! I also visited a botanical garden one day, which was beautiful–lots of butterflies and tropical birds.





  • Meeting my favorite artists. I found Danny Gokey in the gym. (Hey, the benefits of staying fit on vacation!) Plumb was getting off the ship the same time as I was. I actually ran into the lead singer of We Are Messengers several times–once at that infamous midnight buffet. Everyone was so friendly and gracious! Danny Gokey was super sweet and the lead singer from We Are Messengers said that he actually remembered me from when I went to his concert in Oregon last year. (Whattt???)






  • Waveriding. Yes, I got on Royal Caribbean’s crazy surfing simulator to try boogie boarding. Due to the fact that I was quite awful, I’ll spare you the pain of having to look at photos of that awkwardness. I wiped out big-time…and I still have the welts on my back to prove it!





  • This quote: Worship is giving God your mind’s attention and your heart’s affection. Short. Sweet. Simple. Profound. I loved it! Every morning, there was a time of worship and devotions. It was really amazing to start the day off with a boatload (sorry, bad pun) of other Christians, worshiping and praising God!





  • New music. We Are Messengers played a song off their soon-to-be-released album and it was SO good! It was a fantastic treat to get a sneak-listen to their new music. Let me tell you, it is AMAZING! Possibly my all-time favorite song of theirs.





There were so many more amazing memories but, due to the ridiculous amount of pictures I just dumped on you, this post is waaaay over word count (considering that each picture is supposedly worth a thousand words 😉 ) so I’m going to sign off for now. I promise I’ll get back to some sort of normal-ish posting schedule as soon as I recover from my 22-hour return trip home.




  1. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime!!!! So many happy and beautiful and exciting things. I’d ask what your favorite part was, but I’m guessing that might be a near-to-impossible choice for you…so I won’t. 😉 Welcome back!

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